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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Jim Jones Revue/The Amazing Snakeheads. - King Tuts - Glasgow - 16/10/13

I've been scratching my head all morning trying to think back to when I seen The Amazing Snakeheads before.
From a small drawer hidden behind fragments of memories in a dusty room at the back of my mind a voice whispers that it was a 'flowers in the dustbin' promoted show in the 13th Note, but that may not be right.
Regardless of when or where it was the reintroduction was a pleasant one.
There's a raw delivery to the songs that I often gravitate towards.
One part ranting drunk at the taxi rank, one part Alex Harvey, and a great deal of garage ramalama added to the mix provides pretty much the perfect rock cocktail that begs to be knocked back with eye watering glee.
If the Amazing Snakeheads were a party it wouldn't be one that finishes before midnight with a ten minute clean up to get the flat back to the state it was in five minutes before the guests arrived.
Instead it would be the sort that requires the police to break it up and it's easier to move and start life afresh than make an attempt to clean the place up.
As the band pushed hard at the second track into the set I was starting to think that King Tuts should be looking out their insurance to see if they were covered for structural damage as they were in danger of losing their roof.
For a three piece it's a potently driven tour de force that you can feel as much as hear as it pounds against you.
It's little wonder that they have secured themselves a deal with the illustrious Domino label.

In a strange way the Amazing Snakeheads are the sort of band that the Jim Jones Revue must love having to open for them.
For a band who can always be confident of being the most energetically gonzo on a bill there must be times that they think that they could take their foot off the gas just slightly and still coast in at 100mph in front of the competition.
Only that is never going to be the case with this line up like this night after night.
Jim Jones and his band must look at each other prior to going on stage and instinctually know that they will have to dig deep and go for it.
And go for it they did.
The gloves were off.
One day a Hurricane is going to be named after this band.
They are a force of nature.
There is no eye of the storm, just the howling wind and a trail of destruction in their wake.
With an initial set devoted to the 'The Savage Heart' they showed that the initial burst of activity that seen them first arrive on the scene was just a jumping off point.
The rock and roll template is still in place, but the band are taking it a little further down the track now, and while some may want them to just remain that blast of rock and roll it is the shading that they will provide to it all that will ensure their survival in an every changing, and often fickle, world.
A second set dubbed 'The Jim Jones Revue Jukebox' was their homage to the fans as Jim hollered out for requests and the band delivered them as they rolled in.
During this 'Big Hunk O' Love' served to provide me with a personal highlight, although earlier in the night '7 Time Around The Sun' maybe edged it.

The Jim Jones revue must be one of the hardest touring acts around.
So please don't miss out on the opportunity to see them.

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