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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - Stereo - 07/03/13 (Glasgow)

Wrecklesss Eric and Amy Rigby released one of my favourite albums of the recent past with their 'A Working Museum' and I had been waiting with some keen anticipation for the gig in Stereo.
I had seen Eric a few times before, but I had never seen Amy herself, or even with Eric.
This wasn't unusual as it seems that most of the crowd appeared to share the experience in one way or another.
Mike - who were were in the company of - had seen Amy a few times, but not Eric, while Kelly had seen neither.
From watching people singing along you could see the distinct camps rising and falling with the material as it was performed.
To our right there was a crowd of people who were on top of anything that was sung from Amy's back catalogue, surrounding us were some hardcore fans of Wreckless Eric who knew the words to every song that he had penned on his own, and then there was those of us who were happy to key into the songs that they had written and recorded together.
We pretty much made up a ramshackle crowd who would fight tooth and nail not to be categorized, and strangely enough what Eric and Amy do could be described in the same way.
There's no neat little box that they would feel comfortable being embraced by.
Instead they have a real punk attitude to their art.
If they want to do it then consider it done.
If you want the same sound to be beaten into submission album after album, song after song then you have come to the wrong place.
There's so much that should be lauded in their performance that it is difficult to know where to start.
There's the comfortable relationship between them both that has a special charm all of its own.
Then there is their gung ho attack on Bobblehead Doll, or maybe it was Teflon Wok, that conjured up a Velvet Underground freak out with Warhol whispering more discord, more discord.
The easy way that Eric warmly communicates with the audience shouldn't be ignored either.
Then there's the music itself.
Sublimely bloody excellent.
I would have had Amy's vocals a little louder in the mix, but then again when I was at the bar the levels sounded fine so it's probably difficult to get it consistently good in the venue.
That's a minor grumble on my part and shouldn't be considered as something that detracted from the enjoyment of the night though.
I think the sign of a good gig is the appreciation that is shown by those who turn up, and on that basis the warm applause they both received - and the calls for encores that they obliged - highlight that the gig was one that could be described as a job well done.
I can quite firmly state that I am very very glad that I was there and there is no doubt that this was to have been the first of many Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby gigs that I will be attending.

Thanks to Mike for the company and of course The Fallen Angels for putting the show on.

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