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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tragic City Thieves - Darling (What Can I do)

This is one of my favourite bands.
Now I don't want anyone mistaking that comment for the band being a favourite local act, or a favourite unsigned one or or the other little things that others will throw into the equation.
What I am saying is, and I want to make it very clear, is that they are one of my favourite bands.
There's nothing else needs to be added to that.
In my head I don't differentiate Tragic City Thieves from anyone else because of a degree of success.
It wouldn't matter if they never sold a record or sold a million.
What I like about them isn't rooted in anything other than when I hear them I fuckin' love it, and when I see them I equal fuckin' love it.
I think I once described them as the the product of someone opening up my head and creating a band just for me.
Maybe I didn't say that, but damn I've thought it often enough.

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