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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Stonehouse Violets - 86

There's a thin line that very few indie bands can see.
On one side of it is the rather twee sort of thing that people who wear spectacles with clear glass in them do.
On the other side are the bands who know a bit about the stuff that goes on when the sun goes down.
It's this way.
If I mention Keane and Black Rebel Motorcycle club then where would they naturally settle?
On the same side of the line?
I don't think so.
Coldplay and Glasvegas?
You can play that all day with your mates now.
Anyway Stonehouse Violets have definitely got both feet on one side of the line, and it's not the one that provides girls with boys that they can take home to meet their parents.
There's a swaggering style to the music that lifts it from the rut of of the mundane.
That slight shading that allows the songs to grab some attention.
Of course since Oasis nudged every young band in this direction there has been a million and one of them doing similar, but out of them all there are really only a handful that can carry the attitude forward and stamp a bit of their own authority onto the sound.
Stonehouse Violets are doing that.
There's probably a bucketful of influences that they are dipping into that aren't obvious to the ear, but just add enough to bend the sound very slightly towards them being one of those bands who should be filed away as 'one to watch'.
Probably best to catch them now before the self destruct.

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