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Monday, 25 March 2013

An angry wee man rants.

I have a friend called Tammy.
That's not a fake name.
It's not an assumed one I am using to hide her identity.

She came to the UK just over fourteen years ago to start a new life.
From the moment she stepped onto the soil of this little island she has worked, and worked hard.
She has paid her taxes without fail and has aspired to start her own business.
Being employed in low paid positions and getting a fledgling business off the ground has often overlapped.
See what I mean about being hard working.

On top of that productiveness as a citizen she hasn't looked to lock herself away and failed to integrate.
She has been a staple on the music scene for years and has fully immersed herself in the British way of life.
Currently she is very much in love and lives with her partner who is UK born.

She's not what the media and the government want us all to think about when we consider migration to the UK

In a small way I guess what I am doing here is holding my friend up to say look at her.
I'm proud of her as a person, as an individual.
Her never say die spirit, her refusal to lie down and let life kick her is something that should inspire others.

Instead here we are with the government wanting to push forward plans that would exclude my friend from receiving benefits if she was out of work for over six months.

Fourteen years of contributing tax.
Fourteen years of supporting small businesses in her community.
Fourteen years of being a law abiding citizen and they say that's tough.

It would cost her £850 to nationalize.
It's something that she has wanted to do, but never been financially in a position to accomplish.
Low paid jobs don't magically conjure up £850.
Especially when you live in London. She hasn't asked everyone to rally to her side and provide the money, but instead she is considering selling all her belongings and starting from scratch.

Now this is bullshit and I am angry.
I don't really know how to express just how pissed off I am.
Anyone who thinks she isn't getting a raw deal is fuckin' delusional.
My friend Tammy has taken nothing from this country, but she has given it plenty.

The people in government who are wishing fervently to implement these proposals should be looking for work in the agriculture sector because all they seem capable of is spreading bullshit.

This is just an attempt from the conservatives to claw back the support from those who migrated to UKIP.
It has nothing to do with the economy at all.
It's nothing more than a misdirection style of governance.
Look at this hand, don't look at this hand.
Here we are reading headlines about how a few million might be saved with this measure while over in the shadows some are wiping their arses on billions of tax payers money.

It's nonsensical.

Do you know what I am really saying here?

I'm going to make it very clear.

If you are fuckin' with my friend then you are fuckin' with me.


  1. It's all bollocks! another part of their big fuckin' lie. Respect for sharing this dispatch from the frontline. They are fucking with a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Keep On Keeping On!

  2. Thanks Nuzz.
    It's creeping closer to the point that all us ranters will be seen as the voices of reason rather than the soap box lovers some think.