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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Rag N Bone Man - Headbutts & Uppercuts

How can you describe The Rag N Bone Man?
Brutal is one word.
Uncompromising is another.
And brutally uncompromising are two that go together rather nicely when you think about it.
On first listen some may consider it a primal scream of a rant, but I would advise that they keep with it.
In among the lo fi howls of rage, the distorted guitar and thumping drum is a naked soul looking to engage.
Okay the engagement might leave you with a burst ear drum, but that's a small price to pay.
There's not many doing this sort of one man band thing, and in Scotland I can probably count them on all the fingers of the one hand of someone born in Ayrshire.
That will be two for those who don't know.
Unless of course it's the left hand and then it's six.
Of the two that I know of there is the also excellent Homesick Aldo who musically could be thought of as the Dr Jekyll to to the Rag N Bone Man Mr Hyde.
There have been some whispers that Headbutts & Uppercuts could be Jack White at his most deranged, and while there is that to it, you would really have to take Jack to the outer limits of derangement and then kick him hard another couple of feet down the road a bit to come close to what is going on here.
It's the blues, but an angry version of it that is probably the colour of a dark bruise.

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