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Monday, 16 July 2012

Punk across the Globe

Here's the itsaXXXXthings idea of a chain letter.

Pass this on to at least ten friends, or bad shit will happen to you.
I mean really bad shit.
Shit so bad that any previous shit that has happened will pale into insignificance next to the outrageous amount of shit that you will experience.
Think of the shittiest day that you have ever had, and then multiply how that felt by twenty then consider how bad that was.
Really think about it. Relive it. Taste the pain of it.
Now consider that to be only one tenth of the shit that will befall you if you don't pass this on.
Now that's bad shit isn't it?
On the plus side if you do pass it on you will be as happy as a unicorn who farts rainbows, and that's damn happy.

So here's the deal.
A mate of mine who goes by the name of Kyle Thunder, the mighty drummer of Filthy Little Secret and equally mighty bassist of The Bucky Rage - by the way that's his full name. He wont answer to Kyle, or even Kyle Thunder. You need to add 'the mighty drummer of Filthy Little Secret and equally mighty bassist of The Bucky Rage' to get a response from him now - has decided that he wants to do some free online punk compilations.
All you have to do is donate a song to a comp and he will do the rest.
It's non profit making and the artists keep the rights to all the songs.
All he wants to do is build up a shitload of comps from every corner of this ball shaped world.
He's going to be a punk rock evangelist spreading the word.

If anyone is interested in joining him on this venture, or knows anyone who would be interested then you can message him here for more details.

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  1. Spotted it last week; track supplied......

    The Fnords