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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cats come out in opposition to cuts.

This morning I had my usual depressing perusal of the news.
The loathsome bankers are deservedly getting it in the neck.
The European Union is in the headlines again with yet another call for a referendum.
There's still countries on the brink of fiscal collapse.
The Scottish independence discussion is rumbling on with a great deal of fire and little illumination.
Then there is talk of cuts, more cuts and guess what?
That's right.
Even more cuts.
While the nation itself is being bled dry from this death of a thousand plus cuts ideology that the Conservatives myopically cling to I noticed in an article about it from the Guardian that a man had set himself on fire outside his local job centre.
Allegedly he has some mental health issues and it had been decided that they weren't something that was a hindrance to him finding work.
It would be easy to claim it as an isolated incident, but the reality is that suicide rates are rising, and many would argue that the rise is linked to benefits either being lost completely, or being diminished to the point that the person receiving them is no longer in a position to care for themselves.
Some will however state with some authority that this is balderdash, and that evidence such as the suicide notes stating that a person can no longer face the future due to their financial situation are a red herring that do nothing more than muddy the waters as benefit changes are necessary.
(Not as necessary as closing tax loop holes that benefit the rich though).
Regardless of that opposing argument so well put I would think that most people possessed with a degree of common sense can spot the connection.

So anyway. I posted a few links on facebook to a couple of the stories, but then I got to thinking.
Is anyone really clicking on them?
Are these stories just too depressing to contemplate, and therefore a turn off?
Isn't it just easier to focus on what a mate had for breakfast, a comment on the weather or the picture of a fluffy kitten doing something cute?
I suppose that it actually is.
Who really wants to give their undivided attention to the reality of the world while there's an alternative that doesn't feel so emotionally bruising?
I commented that the attraction of the fluffy kittens is akin to Nero fiddling while Rome burned…..........and that sparked an idea.
I got to thinking that maybe I could pair the fluffy kittens with a more biting comment than 'I'm fluffy, ergo you must love me'.
So that's what I did.
Here they are, and feel free to share them about.
Nothing to look at. Move along folks. Nothing important here to think about.


  1. Brilliant. Im gonna try to viral these on facebook...

  2. I don't usually post anonymous comments, but in your case I'll make an exception ;)