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Monday, 30 July 2012

Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth.

I could virtually taste the Red Stripe and feel the sun on my face as I waited in anticipation for Jimmy Cliffs return with the Tim Armstrong (Rancid) produced 'Rebirth'.
Especially after the taster ep was released.
Then it landed and the full horror of the naff lyrics has trampled all over my expectations.
Jimmy Cliff himself sounds in fine voice and the musicianship is beyond criticism, but lyrically it's basic stuff.
In fact it's a struggle to listen to it from beginning to end.
A major disappointment.
It's not all bad of course, just horrendously patchy.
When it's good it's very good, but when it's bad it's very bad.
Unfortunately the majority of it is bad.
It's like the british weather. Every once in a while the sun breaks through, but a cloud is sure to follow and rain on the parade.
I never thought I would say this, but head to the loathsome i-tunes and pay for the good stuff and make yourself a solid mini album from it and leave the rest of it well alone.
Or wait a month and you will get it cheap in the bargains bins that it is destined to wash up in.
I need some Jaya the Cat the wash the taste of this away.
Feels like Jimmy has done a shit in the mouth of Bob Marley.


  1. Jimmy Cliff is a legend. Your opinion is worthless.

  2. Of course he's a legend. I'm glad we can agree on something.
    Unfortunately this album is as patchy as a tramps vest, but of course you're entitled to your opinion about my take on it.
    Just a shame that you have a problem with others expressing their views if they don't mirror your own.
    It comes across as egotistical, but it's not an uncommon character fault.