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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Back in the saddle.

Apologies for the extended break from updating the blog.
Especially to those who have sent me review material and Willie Dick and Gary Sunshine who both graciously gave their time for an interview.
Today will be spent catching up.
The reasons for the lack of activity are the usual combinations of work commitments, family life and the general trials and tribulations that are cast in the paths of us all.
I actually ended up turning off my mobile phone, dropped out from social networking and recharged my batteries by filling the time with watching movies with my kids and reading.
I'd recommend that everyone does this.
Even for a week as it was thoroughly refreshing.
Anyway. Willie Dick is coming (pun intended) and so is Gary Sunshine.
There's going to be a review of Tommy Reilly's fantastic show at Su Casa.
There's some Wickerman stuff coming as well including an interview with Finding Albert and Tragic O'Hara.
Along with that lot there's going to be more reviews than you could shake a stick at, and no, I've never understood what that means either.
Meanwhile as everyone waits in anticipation for me to actually deliver on all this, here's a nice relaxing image for you to look at. 
Now just imagine yourself on that beach. Close your eyes and soak up the sun.
I'll be back to rudely interrupt you later.
Cya soon.   

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