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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Deer Tick rock my world

Every once in a while someone will ask me what the blog is all about and I often struggle to give a cohesive answer.
Strip away all the bullshit and distill it down to the most basic level and I suppose all I'm really doing with it is communicating.
Some of it is sharing a joke with a mate, a nameless and faceless mate that's out there somewhere.
Other bits are akin to political arguments over a pint.
Mainly though the blog is just the modern version of me walking to a friends house with records under my arm so that we can have a night ooohing and aahing over new, or newly discovered, sounds.
So in that spirit here's Deer Tick.
I got a CD of them today and I know virtually nothing about them, and I'm sure some friends will jump ion here and say 'how te fuck had you not heard of them' but that doesn't matter.
What matters is that I want to share them with you now.
So here they are.

Buy Deer Tick stuff here. You can thank me later.

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