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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Gums - A Glasgow Summer ep.

Who would have believed it.
Self proclaimed super group 'Gums' have finally managed to actually record something.
I suppose it is at this point I should put in a disclaimer about the super group tag.
When they say super don't think of it as a collection of famous musos jamming, instead think of super as being interchangeable with fandabidozi or cool as fuck.
You got that?
Right. Who likes Arab Strap?
Nah. I'm not a big fan either, but there is about 10% of the concept that I do like if I round it up from 5.1%.
So anyway consider Gums as the band who flushed the 94.9% of the dreary meanderings of Arab Strap down the pan and squeezed loads of poppy goodness out of the remaining 5.1%, and even magically kept a wee bit of the Saturday morning after the Friday night hangover in there.
If you can wrap your head around that then add in that on the Friday night they were drunkenly listening to Teenage Fanclub, and when the hit the studio feeling a bit worse for wear some of that filtered into what they were doing as well.
Still with me?
Next try to imagine that you have at some point of your life lived within five mile radius of a train station that links with Glasgow Central.
(You don't have to do this if you do, or have.)
Now imagine that throughout your life you have visited Glasgow and drank under the trees in its many parks, wandered the street in the rain at 3am, slept behind a skip and been pished on at least once.
Hold that thought.
Let it seep in.
Got it?
That's the 'Gums' ep.

PS. I haven't listened to Arab Strap in years so the percentages may be off by a point or two.

Download it here for free....yes free.

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