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Monday, 30 July 2012

Buzzbomb - Secondary Objectives

The punky goodness just keeps coming today.
This time it's the turn of Buzzbomb to blow the cobwebs away, and it's something that they do with relative ease on 'Secondary Objectives'.
It's pretty much a pedal to the metal release. A Mach-II assault on the senses that manages to keep a firm grip on the melody.
It's that grip that elevates it above the vast majority of self professed punk bands who seem to consider that shouting loud in an aggressive macho manner is all that's required.
It's not.
In fact it's a boring dead end of creativity that those who pander to it are stuck in.
Some would argue that I'm wrong, but I care not a jot.
One dimensional punk rock bores the tits off most people, and thankfully this is the polar opposite of that.
This is fast and aggressive, but at the same time full of rollicking good fun.
Take the US bands of the eighties who were the bastard offspring on The Ramones and filter them through the history of the UK punk scene and the end result is Buzzbomb.
Pretty much the perfect balance between the two sounds.
A transatlantic behemoth of impressive stature that given the audience should impress on both sides of the ocean and everywhere else for that.
Full kudos goes to the guys in the band for breathing some fetid breath into the classic Sonic Reducer as well.

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