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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wasted Life - It means nuthin' when you're dead.

On first listen Wasted Life gave the impression of being a bit stereotypically run of the mill.
A band who would sit comfortably under the street punk umbrella sheltering from modern influences come hell or high water.
That was on first listen though.
On the second listen a bit more revealed itself.
The sharp guitar work became a little more apparent, the backing vocals came to the fore and the pace of the songs start to take the lead.
By the third listen I was hooked.
Wasted Life do cover all the ground that the punk police insist on, but they also manage to tick a few more boxes that would impress the casual listener by managing to stretch the template a bit.
There's plenty of straight talking social commentary, plenty of very impressive guitar work and a solid mix that isn't too over produced that it impacts on the power and ferocity.
It's everything that I have come to expect from the STP label.
Honest melodic punk rock played with passion and wearing its heart on on their collective sleeves for all to see.
Wasted Life obviously operate in a bullshit free zone.
'It means nuthin' when you're dead' may just have reignited my love of street punk.
Less UK82 and more UK2012. Bring it on.

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