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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Silly competition time.

A conversations about cover/tribute bands elsewhere has moved on to making names up for non-existent ones.
Here's some I thought of.

Frankie goes to Hollyrood (Scottish tribute band to the Liverpudlian legends)
The Red Stripes (Jamaican garage punk duo)
Fear of Hysterectomy (The all girl Spear of Destiny tribute act)
The Newport Dolls (Glam folk band)
BJs-R-Us (Female Supersuckers tribute band)
Marc Nolan (T-Rex hits covered by The Nolans)
Big Cuntry ( X-Rated parodies of Big Country hits)
Sisters of Percy (Goth covers of Led Zeppelin)
Iced Tea (Upper class rap for garden parties)
Tom Waits for no man (A pensioners tribute that tours the nursing homes)
Ian Jury Duty and the Cellblock Heads (Ex cons rehabilitation scheme)
Master of Muppets (Educational metal for kids)
Give 'em enough Pope (Choirboys doing Clash songs)
Couldn't it be rice (Vegetarian Beach Boys cover band)
AsBo Diddley (Young offender doing the blues, but he has to be in by 9pm and can't leave the scheme he lives in)

Anyone else want to join in? Best one will get a prize.


  1. HD/MI : Electro AC/DC tribute band.

  2. Nice one Scott. I'll be adding more to the original post as I think of them. That's a Tom Waits one added.

  3. Red Hot Billie Pipers (Honey to the B-Boys, Funk metal versions of the pop princess)
    Cradle of Milf (Black metal for mothers)
    Pout At The Devil (Hair metal tribute band)
    Blinded By The Shite (Manfred Mann songs about all things fecal)
    Fred Westside Story (Tap dancing and Murder)
    A Perfect Circle Jerk (Hardcore legends and mopey mosher crossovers)
    Josef Goebbels & The Third Reich 'N' Roll Division (50's rock n roll tribute with aryan undertones)
    Guantanamo Bay City Rollers (Oranage boiler suits/Tartan scarfs and wet face masks)
    The Adolf Hitler Jews Expulsion (90's rock n roll tribute with Aryan undertones)
    Phil S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Girl group versions of TV themes)
    Tally Band (Four part harmonies from this Middle Eastern tribute to the Band)


  4. Brilliant Bryan. You had them all written down as future projects didn't you?

  5. Some of them, but the descriptions were new, I play this game a lot with my friends as they know how much I love tribute band names.

  6. The Wee Gees (Glaswegian Bee Gees tribute)
    BabySham 69 (kids play Pursey hits)
    Red Hot Ciggie Papers (even bigger stoners than the real thing)

  7. Funnily enough many years ago we discussed making a short musical called Fred West Side Story.
    It was to be a companion piece to The Hindley & Brady Bunch.

  8. Och aye the noo fighters (Scottish Foo Fighters tribute band)

  9. The Barry White Stripes (Romantic Garage Covers)

  10. The Siths (Star Wars themed jangly, self-obsessed miserablism)

  11. Murray - tin grin - mechanical smile tribute :P

  12. Schmaltz In Black - Stranglers tunes re-made for elevators

  13. Oasis (A slade and beatles tribute act)