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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Richie Blitz

I was once asked how I seem to be able to keep finding new music and very often I shrug and say that I don't know.
Maybe in some cases it's osmosis, or it's possible that I'm a music magnet and it is drawn to me.
The truth is that I trawl about and make connections from one thing to another.
I get a recommendation from one person and I check the band out and find that they are playing nearby so I go and see them, pick up a CD of the support band, go and see them again and catch their support band, pick up a CD and.....well you get it don't you.
Or maybe I hear a band on a compilation and then go and grab everything else they have done.
In all honesty there are a million and one ways to find new music, but only if you make the effort.
Basically I just leave myself open to everything, and due to that I seem to manage to pick up on a great deal of great - in my opinion - music.
In the case of Richie Blitz I seen a comment he made about apolitical punk bands that had a link to his blog where he expanded on his thoughts.
At that point I didn't even know he was a singer/songwriter, but when I was looking through his blog it became apparent and there was the option to download his album and a more recent EP for free.
As we share similar political opinions I thought I'd give them a listen and there you go.
That's how I found Richie.
It's that curiosity factor that takes you from a to b to c and so forth.
I'm glad I do have that natural curiosity though.
If I didn't then I wouldn't be currently playing Richie's album and tapping my toe to it and entertaining thoughts that as long as we have people like him singing protest songs then maybe the world can be pulled back from going to hell in a handcart.
It's now obligatory to name-check Woody Guthrie when you mention protest songs, and that's probably down to there being so many one man and a guitar acts howling their frustrations out.
From Billy Bragg to Billy Liar you can hear the echo of Woody, but I doubt I'll get bored with it.
Now here we are in a different time and a different place and Richie is picking up the baton and running with it.
Anti-fascist, pro-equality, anti-racist, pro-freedom.
When said like that it seems simple, but why does it need to be more complicated?
Richie isn't preaching fundamentalist opposition in his music. He's simply making a stand based on a moralistic understanding of the world around him.
He's drawing attention to what is right and wrong on a very basic level that doesn't need additional frills.
Honesty never does.
You can check Richie out here, and find the links up at the top of the page.
Maybe sometime this year we can get Richie to make the trip to Scotland and entertain us.
Plenty of comments and shares would possibly edge him towards making the effort.
So you know what to to. Go to it troops.
You can listen to some tracks here.

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