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Friday, 2 March 2012

Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

There's little doubt that I'll not be the only person mentioning Janis Joplin during her Holding Company days in an Alabama Shakes review.
There's just no getting away from it.
The ghost of Janis looms large through the sound-alike vocals of Brittany Howard, but while the same rawness in the delivery is there, it also has a great deal of sweet soul in it that's wholly Brittany's own, and it's that southern soul that gives the band their own persona.
It's little wonder that the music industry is in a lather about this band.
It's not based on pr stunts, or the deep pockets of a backer, but instead the excitement is rooted in the awareness that this band can write a mean song, and with that ability paired with a vocal delivery that could either raise the hair on the back of your neck. or strip the paint from a wall at hundred paces is something that they will see as a sure fire money spinner.
Similar to how the world fell in love with The White Stripes, and then latterly The Kings of Leon, with both bands bucking the mainstream trend, I could see Alabama Shake doing the same.
Once the album is out in April then watch for a Jools Holland appearance and a single nestling between a couple of mindless empty pop ditties in the charts.
It just seems so inevitable.
Global success must be on the horizon.
If it doesn't happen then I think we should spearhead a revolution that will allow us to put in power people who will ensure that bands like Alabama Shakes get the credit they deserve.
So am I saying that this band are actually worth turning the world upside down for?
Well I suppose I am.
Pre-order it now and be forever happy.


  1. Greetings from the south.
    I have seen Alabama Shakes four times in the last year and if this band arent global stars then I will eat my hat.
    They are the best live band I have seen in over a decade.
    Respect to your blog to.
    I cancelled my subscriptions to music magazines around a year ago and rely on blogs to get all my music news.
    I read about five regularly and a few others sporadically.
    Yours is in that top five and the only one not based in the states.
    Keep on truckin

  2. Thank you Dan.
    Your post is genuinely very much appreciated.

  3. The word Joplin caught my eye and I'm so glad I looked at this. HUGE thanks for the heads on these. I'll be buying my copy.

  4. They have a UK touring coming up so check the press for dates. Roughly about a tenner a ticket.