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Friday, 2 March 2012

The SAMA's - The Results.

Well that's the SAMA's been and gone for another year.
It would appear that everyone had a ball - as expected - and the list of winners is now out.
Congratulations to all nominated, and equally to Richy and everyone involved in making these awards a reality.
In my opinion there were no losers. Just winners.
The amount of talent displayed across the breadth of the nominations was quite frankly mind blowing.
However as is required there must be winners and they are.

Best Live Act, sponsored by Messer Schmitt : We Were Promised Jetpacks

There wont be many complaints as We Were Promised Jetpacks nabbed best live act. Hard work and talent has allowed them to reap the rewards.

Best Rock/Alternative, sponsored by Ignite Records : Fatherson

Ayrshire lads deservedly cement their reputation as thee band to watch out for.

Best Electronic, sponsored by Bar Bloc : Fridge Magnets

Claimed to be Scotlands hottest electro act by STV they just keep going on and grabbing plaudits wherever they manage to land.

Best Newcomer, sponsored by Cathouse Glasgow : Bwani Junction

Another well deserved feather in Bwani Junction's cap. They arrived on the scene with fully formed infectious indie pop tunes and are effortlessly managing to get their name on the lips of everyone.

Best Metal, sponsored by Departed Apparel : Ten Tonne Dozer

No need for any BS here. I've never heard of them, but I sincerely doubt that they are undeserving. 'mon the metal.

Best Hip Hop, sponsored by Young Scot : Madhat McGore

As Scottish Hip Hop makes waves in the underground offering something fresh and edgy to those who want to walk on the Wildside it's Madhat McGore who can act as your guide.

Best Acoustic, sponsored by JamHut Studios : Brown Bear & The Bandits

A personal shout out from itsaxxxxthing to Brown Bear and the Bandits.
Says it all.

For more information, images and video clips visit:


  1. Was itsaxxxxthing represented at the SAMAS?
    I didnt see you.
    Who is really supporting the bands then?
    I know who was at the SAMA's and it wasn't you.

  2. Watch you don't choke on that cup of bile.
    Its really a petty dig this.
    If I was to mark you on it I would have to say must try harder.

    I think I will respond in two ways to this though.
    Here's the calm rational one.
    No. I wasn't at the SAMA's.
    I didn't say I was.
    As a single parent on a limited budget I can't go to everything.
    The SAMA's is an example of that.
    I could try and blag my way onto guest lists and neglect my kids to allow me to squeeze a few more gigs in a month, but that isn't something that I feel that I need to do.
    Time and finances permitting I go to what I can.
    In that sense I'm just like everyone else.
    I don't actually claim to be that different from any other music fan.
    As others will attest to I support the bands and artists locally.
    I buy their CDs, their downloads and pay to get into their gigs.
    Do you?
    Through this blog I promote them and never ask to enter into a quid pro quo relationship with anyone.
    Your snide accusation that in some way I am either not pulling my weight by my non attendance is rooted in your own perception of the world around you.
    I just do a blog.
    I'm not a leading light in the Scottish alternative and unsigned music scene.
    I'm not the rock that all Ayrshire artists are anchored to as I was recently accused of claiming.
    I'm just a guy who does a blog.
    I'm sure that Richy who organized the SAMA's off his own back is glad that in some small way that there's a mention here. It all helps the cause.
    It's not the Daily Record and it's not going to reach as many people as a half page article in a newspaper, but being mentioned is better than not being mentioned.

    Okay. Now here's what I think about you, whoever you are.
    It's just a personal viewpoint, but please do take it to heart.
    You are a petty coward who craves attention.
    Probably a complete and utter failure in life although you will promote yourself as a success.
    I would expect that while you sit at your keyboard you perceive yourself as a righter of wrongs.
    Yet most people who have asked me who the 'anonymous' is who keeps posting digs, have went on to state that they consider you as a small minded petty wankstain who gets a perverse pleasure out of being a pain in the arse.
    I agree with that assessment of your character.
    I don't actually mind you posting your comments.
    The way I see it is that you just damn yourself with your own words.
    That you are probably oblivious to how people really see you just confirms to me that you are in fact a delusional waste of skin.

  3. Some people need to grow a pair and stop hiding behind anothermouse none-dem-PLUMS.

    Mainy, You are one of the main stays of the local music scene and deserve to be afforded the upmost respect because of the time and effort you put into promoting the local music scene. I know we don't always see eye to eye but, I just wanted you to know that I think you're just bloody fantastic. I only wish I had 1/100 of your musical knowledge.

    Cheryl Scott xx