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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Demented are Go – Welcome back to Insanity Hall

I've always liked rock and roll, rockabilly and it's bastard offspring Psychobilly.
As a teenager the mix of punk and rock and roll suited me fine.
I wasn't one to knock about with the quiff or the bleached jeans. I was a long haired rebel with a penchant for music in all its forms.
Sometimes the wilder the better.
That being the case Demented are Go was one of the bands that I was drawn to.
Tongue in cheek, politically incorrect and offensively fun was the order of the day.
Now it's 2012 and here they are with their eighth studio album and quite possibly their best.
When Hellbilly Storm came out in 2005 it looked like it might just be a spectacular swan song for them, but no.
Anyone who thought that was going to be the end of the story failed to consider that this band has risen from the ashes more times than Christopher Lee's Dracula in a Hammer horror.
What followed that album was the usual drama, some sporadic touring that was dogged with the usual controversy as Sparky was disallowed entry to the US and then he did his usual dance with health issues that have been well documented elsewhere.
Now all sounds fine in the DAG camp. In fact they sound more than fine.
For all the rockers who have heard the band then think of them as the same, but stripped down, then rebuilt with some sonic turbo charge added and a hell of a lot of gleaming chrome.
This is the bigger, better, sleeker and faster DAG.
For those who haven't heard them then you are in for a treat.
Imagine Lemmy and Eddie Cochran standing at the crossroads and selling their souls to the devil.
The deal is that for their eternal souls they can sound like the meanest rockingest motherfuckers on the planet.
There's only one problem though says the Devil. We already have DAG.
Yes. That IS how good this album is.
It's just a shame that the psychobilly scene is such a small one as more people really need to give this a listen.

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