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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Glen Matlock & The Philistines/Devilish Presley

Not long now until Kilmarnock is exposed to a double header of fine rock and roll.
Everything is in place. The bands are looking forward to the shows, and over the course of the two nights we have a shit hot line up of some of the best talent that Scotland can offer in support.
On Friday the 18th we have Glen Matlock and the Philistines. Someone who really doesn't need an introduction.
To say that locally this is a bit of a big deal would be the understatment of the decade.
Prior to Glen Matlock and his band tearing the roof off, the night will open with Zoe Lewis. A very talented young lady who already has two self released albums to her name and an impressive canon of self penned tracks that will no doubt impress and entertain in equal measure.
Following on from Zoe will be Glasgow's Filthy Little Secret playing their first gig in Ayrshire.
Currently carving a niche from themselves in the city, and gearing up for a debut album to be released, they are certainly going to turn some heads with their penchant for yelping out primordial garage rock from the swamp.
Last of the supports, but by no means the least, and just back from their first UK tour will be the mighty Tragic City Thieves who will be playing their first show north of the border since burning it up down south.
This is also the first of two nights were they will open for Glen Matlock and the Philistines as they will also be setting the stage alight in King Tuts on the Saturday evening.
If that's not enough and you think that you can last the pace then on saturday night it gives us great pleasure to reintroduce everyone to Devilish Presley.
One of the hardest working bands in the UK, they are just on the cusp of releasing their fifth self released album "Dark Triad" and I can genuinely say hand on heart that they are up there as one of the most entertaining bands that I have ever seen.
They are the square peg that refuses to be hammered into the round hole. Goth Rockers, Deathrock Champions, Ghoulish punk. All are equally descriptive, but all fall far short of telling the whole tale.
You have really got to see them to really understand why once seen they are never forgotten.
First act to perform on the night is the truly mind blowing eccentric one man band "The Paraffins" whose refusal to pander to anyones preconcieved expectations surrounding a pub gig is a work of genius.
Billy Liar, our very own Scottish punk troubadour, will follow the Paraffins and will no doubt enlist many more people to his growing army of fans.
Then for those who can't have too much of a good thing, or those who missed the previous nights debauchery, Filthy Little Secret will attempt to shake off their hangovers and do it all over again for the Killie faithful.
What's not to like about all this?


  1. Regarding punk music, it was usually the shy retiring lad that was behind the scenes writing all the good songs, matlock proved this with the sex pistols debut album,which i am sure he wrote the majority of :)

  2. I'll say it here as well as there... Well done for getting these gigs, I hope they're a stonking sell out for you

  3. Thanks V. Here's hoping.
    What people don't seem to realise is that this is a non profit making hobby for Kel and me. We're not promoters, just fans of live music.
    If we take a big hit financially it impacts on our personal circumstances as parents with responsibilities and we would then have to reconsider our position.
    As in "can we even do this"
    At the moment no one else seems to be regularly bringing touring bands to Kilmarnock. So if we drop out then it dies with us.
    Then I suppose people can go back to saying nothing happens around here.
    It will live or die with the support we get.