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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Annie Stevenson - S/T

Since bands like the View, Glasvegas. and even Paulo Nutini, rose to prominence there has been more Scottish bands than you could shake a stick at plying their trade using their native accents, but I for one have become rather bored with it all.
The reason being is that it is starting to sound rather effected, but just as I was started to cement that opinion in I've been forced to eat my words. All in no small part down to the d├ębut full length album from the band with a girls name Annie Stevenson.
I'm still peeling through the layers here, but it's safe to say that this band are wide open to everything.
Like a precocious child they are sponge-like and soaking up everything around them before using it to shape a specific and recognisable sound of their own.
While many bands flounder about trying to find a musical niche, and then develop that sound over time, these guys are just about to release a debut that most bands would struggle to accomplish three or four albums into a career.
Take everything that has managed to buck trends and excite people over the last ten years and mix it all up and what you will get is Annie Stevenson.
Immedietly accesable, but also multi layered enough to enable it to stand the test of time this is quite possibly the album that will rock the boat in 2011.
It is astounding in its breadth and vision with a huge crossover appeal.
If lady luck smiles on them then this could be just the start of a long, successful and interesting career for them and us.

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