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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Future gigs

Occasionally people will get in contact with me and ask if my girlfriend (Kel) and myself want to put their band on.
More often than not we would love to, but there is a hitch to this. We are a non profit making deal.
It makes no business sense at all, we know that, but from a successful gig we only take our promotional costs back. The outlay.
Anything above that goes to the bands. The guarantee for the headliner is honoured and the supports get whatever is left split between them.
This all sounds like a good deal for the bands, but what it really means is that if a gig doesn't cover the costs then Kel and me have to dip into our pockets and cover the shortfall.
We are both single parents and when that happens it can be disastrous. We had a run of gigs a couple of years ago that had us both saying “never again”.
They were enjoyable shows and we loved the bands, but one of them had 13 people attend for four bands. One a national touring one, another a foreign band doing a one off show and a couple of local acts. It was only £4 for it all as well.
We really took a bath on that one.
The thing is success breeds success. If we have a well attended show we can do it again and again and again. So we really need peoples support for what we do.
This Friday is Glen Matlock and the Philistines, plus three supports and a couple of surprises. It's £13.50 on the door and I would love to see it full to the rafters. If I went by how many people said they were going then it would be sold out twice over, but saying and doing are two different things.
On saturday we have Devilish Presley all the way from London. There's keen interest and at a fiver for another four bands it's a steal.
The point of this update though is to say that the opportunity to separately book TV Smith, Viv Albertine and The Strawberry Blondes to play gigs is available to us, but what sort of interest is there? Would enough people commit to attending to make it worthwhile for these acts to travel all the way up here to play?
This is aimed at people from the west coast of Scotland as all the gigs would be in Dirty Martinis in Kilmarnock.
I would love to hear some feed back to get an idea of whether we should go for it.

Mainy and Kel

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