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Saturday, 19 February 2011

This land is your land - unless you're a Muslim it seems.

Bit disappointed this evening.
By chance I heard that Darrell Bath (ex UK Subs/Dogs D'Amour/Crybabies/Honest John Plain and more) was playing a couple of shows a hop, skip and a jump away from me in a hotel backing some guy called Micky Kemp.
After a quick search I found Micky Kemps myspace and listened to a few songs.
Not bad at all.
Some nice blue collar americana and at a fiver a ticket it would be a nice quiet cheap evening in good surroundings with some good music.
Then I checked out Micky Kemps facebook page to see if I could find a time when the gig kicked off, and when flicking through some pictures I found his pathetic and hateful views on Islam/Muslims.
Photoshopped images of burning Mosques etc.
That's when the disappointment kicked in as I wouldn't knowingly give a penny to anyone who holds and promotes racist views.

Now don't get me wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but to slate a whole religion because of a minority of extremists is as ignorant as fuck and that's an opinion that I'm as equally entitled to hold.

I wouldn't even have been bothered if he had slated the fundamentalists as they are fair game, but to tar a whole religion because of a minority of wanks who you can find within the ranks of any religion doesn't sit comfortably with me.
Then there's his views on socialism.
He's not for it.
A guy who covers Springsteen, a fella who owes such a debt to Guthrie who was a dyed in the wool socialist.
What's the score there?
Hypocritical much?
Christ for all I know he might think that "This land is your land" is a nationalist anthem
So that's that gig blown out.
Shame really as I would have loved to have seen Darrell Bath play.


  1. Mate, that's a real shame.

  2. Yeah. I'll freely admit that I'm a tad altruistic when it comes to things like this, but you have to stand up for what you believe in don't you?
    Draw the line somewhere.

  3. I'm with you on this ****thing. Question every thing!

  4. I actually don't understand how anyone can harbour racists attitudes.
    It's shows a lack of intelligence as any of their arguments can be dismantled with reasonable logic.
    The so called clever racists who do promote race hate do so for the power it brings them it seems and I doubt they actually believe it themselves.
    Funnily enough this guy has a conversation with an expat on a thread below a photograph and the fact that his mate is a migrant doesn't seem to sink in.
    Then again its alright if your white in their narrow minded view.

  5. Ghhaad!! And what about "Born in the U.S.fucking A."? I wonder if he covers that little ditty?

  6. Q)What's Bruce and Geert Wilders got in common?
    A)Micky Kemp likes them both.

  7. Good for you!
    A racist is bad enough but a hypocritical one is somehow worse.

  8. Well he has been in touch on FB so at least he has the balls to stand up for what he believes without being directly offensive, although I still firmly disagree with his stance and don't feel swayed enough to offer a retraction.
    How is your good self Jacqui? Still trundeling along?