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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I am number four

Teen movie franchises are a bit hit and miss. For every Harry Potter and Twilight that catches the imagination there's a Jumper, Percy Jackson or The Vampires Assistant that fails to make it to a second instalment.
These failed attempts are a parents nightmare. The having to sit through a couple of hours of a story that isn't going anywhere is extremely pointless. Even if they are entertaining enough at the time.
The latest to try and catch the movie goers imagination is the sci-fi tale “I am number four” and after managing to catch a freebie preview in my local fleapit I've got to say that I thought it stood head and shoulders above most of the films aimed at that demographic.
It's had some critical appraisals that damned it with faint praise by claiming it's a sci-fi attempt at poaching the Twilight fans that had put me off to an extent, but apart from the mirroring of the young female lead falling for an other worldly male lead that's about it.
It's like comparing chalk with cheese, and the lazy drawing of attention to this will probably turn off more people than it will turn on.
While one panders to the dewy eyed goth generation and is barely a step up from a promo video made for MTV, “I am number four” easily sidesteps all the many pitfalls and instead delivers a finely balanced action movie that should appeal across the board.
Instead of it being a chore for most parents to sit through the latest must see movie “I am number four” should provide an ideal nights entertainment for all the family.
Similar to the Harry Potter movies its got a strong enough story line to keep you engaged, everyone plays there role well and the action and SFX are well done without being overbearing, or at worst used at the expense of the storyline.
As someone who isn't a fan of science fiction movies I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
Even though there's nothing that ground breaking about it, and no one is going to jump forward and say that it's Oscar worthy it is very entertaining and sometimes that is more than enough.
As it finished I would have quite happily sat through the second instalment without a break.
Maybe I'm just easily amused though.
Anyway. I'll recommend this one. A grand night out.
Just a shame that it's in the laps of the gods whether we will ever see a second one hit the screens.

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