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Friday, 25 February 2011

El Diablo and KelC Presents

Aye it's a bit of self promotion.
We have just confirmed that Glen Matlock and his Philistines will be playing for us on the 18th of March while Devilish Presley will be following them on the 19th.
So a weekend of rock and roll fun and frolics for Ayrshire is about to kick off.
That's the good news. The bad news is that the Kirk Brandon gig is still up in the air due to his recent health problems.
We continue to wish him all the best and those who wish refunds just need to give me a shout, or alternatively hang onto the ticket until a rescheduled date is confirmed.

Glen as everyone knows is a Sex Pistol, and in my humble opinion the partially unsung hero of the band. While the plaudits mainly go to Lydon for his lyrics it is a fact that without the music to back them up then they may not have had the same impact. One goes with the other hand in hand. His time then and now with the band has brought him fame, but unfortunately cast a shadow over everything else he has done. His work with the Rich Kids is beyond criticism in my opinion and his solo outings, or work the the Philistines has always punched the buttons for me to.
I suppose I could start on a long list of other artists that he has worked with but instead I will say that it is like a whose who of the rock glitterati.
So I'm personally very pleased as a fan that he will be coming along to entertain us.

Devilish Presley playing the next night is the icing on the cake. Everywhere they go they hit the stage and take no prisoners and there is no doubt that they will be providing more of the same when they return to Kilmarnock.
They are simply one of the most exciting bands I have seen in a long time and along with bands like Tragic City Thieves and Filthy Little Secret I am forever at a loss as to why they aren't getting the kudos that they so richly deserve.
I'm sure readers could add more to that list.
This time they will be out promoting their forthcoming album and it's going to be interesting to hear the new tracks live.
Can anyone tell that I'm excited?
The supports in place are really all top drawer acts in their own right as well.
Tragic City Thieves will be playing with Glen Matlock in Kilmarnock and then again the next night in King Tuts in Glasgow. Filthy Little Secret will play both Glan Matlock and Devilish Presley shows and Billy Liar will join then for the Saturday along with The Paraffins as well.
Still one more to be added, but fingers crossed that it will be local talent Zoe Lewis.
If anyone is interested in going to any of these gigs then just give me a shout. A guaranteed good time will be had.

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