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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Re adverts/links, and even bands featured.

I don't normally make posts like this, but.........
I just received a message from some holier than thou punk ranting on about punk credentials (whatever they are ) and how My Chemical Romance aren't a punk band and then how having adverts makes me a good capitalist scumbag.
I deleted it, but over the last five minutes I'll admit it has fuckin' annoyed me.
So just to make things clear.
Punk for me is about freedom of expression.
That is what it's rooted in and myopic wank stains who think that the genre is limited by a style and a sound can fuck off.
I probably don't have to add this either, although maybe I do, but as it is my blog I'll write about what the fuck I want, feature whoever I want and if I want to accept adverts I will.
Although the links on the right of the page are not paid adverts, but instead sites I like and personally want to promote.
Maybe I should write a manifesto, but then again this is about as much effort as I plan to expend on the matter.
Just a shame I can't name and shame them as they used the anonymous option.


  1. whatever the fuck you want mate!

  2. I don't post every comment I get gobshyte. I have a basic rule of thumb. If they are saying something that adds to the post/discussion then it goes up, even if I disagree with the sentiments.
    Freedom of speech and all that, but then again if it is just negative bullshit from an anonymouse source who has fuck all to say then it aint getting used.

  3. Regarding the whole My Chemical Romance thingio... while they're certainly not my chosen cuppa, I'd be hard pressed to find a reason to berate somebody for liking them. As the commenter in question illustrates, though, I guess there actually ARE some people who'd go out for a seven-course meal in which each course was a potato dish. Sad, really. It's only music -- there's room enough for quite literally everything.

  4. In hindsight I should have posted some of the comments to show the depth of vitriol.
    Very strange how they have drawn this reaction from certain quarters.
    Not one of the comments has been accompanied by a name though. No surprise there though.