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Friday, 11 February 2011

Free Music For The Masses

Here at itsaxxxxthing we live to share music.
So with that in mind I would love to redirect you to a great site that has provided me with hours of pleasure.

It's the Beatles complete on Ukulele.

It's a project that has been going for a while now and has thrown up some wonderful arrangements of Beatles tracks that have the common thread of featuring the Uke.
About once a week it would seem a new track is added and they are all free to download, and for each there are exhaustive notes to accompany them to.
The artists, recording history, how they picked the songs and how they got into the Beatles is just the tip of the iceberg of info.
Truthfully though you don't even have to be a Beatles fan to dig these songs as most of them use the original track as a jump off point to create something completely different.
Open your minds and give the site your patronage. Few will be disappointed.
Kudos to Steve Conte who pointed me in the direction of this great site, and of course a huge thank you to the people who had the idea and then made it a reality.

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