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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Resurrection by comma

I just had a live review printed in the magazine 'record collector'.
It's here, but after my initial tingle of excitement it was drawn to my attention that a misplaced coma from the magazine editing department has changed the whole thrust of the review.

Going by their blistering performance in front of this near-capacity crowd, Department-S appear to have taken ‘nostalgia be damned’ as their motto. With barely a nod to their past, with Vaughan Toulouse at the helm they seem hell bent on careening forward into the unknown with a rejuvenated game-plan. Their songs from yesteryear, including the hit Is Vic There?, sounded punchier, brighter and more urgent than expected. And new material such as a glamtastic cover of My Coo Ca Choo and single, Wonderful Day, were met with an ecstatic response. While many of their peers are happy to regurgitate their catalogue, this is a band who may be about to show the world that they are more relevant than ever. With a new album in the pipeline and more dates, we’ll be hearing a lot more from them this year.

Reading this you would be forgiven for thinking that Vaughan Toulouse had risen from the grave to lead the band. The truth is that Edward Lloyd Barnes is the man storming ahead with the vocals. I did wax lyrical about his performance, but in their wisdom 'Record Collector' edited that out.
It just shows that the pen is mightier than the sword. I mean when have you heard of a sword bringing anyone back from the dead.

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