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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Everybody needs somebody

It’s difficult to describe how I felt when I first heard Birdland. What they were playing wasn’t new to me. It was just that all the bands I liked that peddled this style of rock roll were a couple of decades older and this was a band that was current, and for a split second hip. I remember feeling that for once everyone was on the same page as me. People got it. References of all my favourite bands proliferated whenever Birdland were reviewed. Fantastic I thought. This was the dawning of a new era I thought.
I was wrong.
They turned out to be a band whose star burned bright and then quickly faded, and fate has dictated that they will forever be relegated to occasionally appearing in ‘where are they now’ columns.
Our loss.
So as I know there are a few fans out there and the Paradise CD is hard to find I thought I would compile all their singles together for you to enjoy. If you like them remember to go out and buy their one and only self titled album, and if you can, then grab the Paradise CD to.
Hollow Heart, Paradise, Sleep with me, RocknRoll Nigger, Everybody needs somebody.


  1. THIS is amazing, I too remember hearing birdland back in 1989 and was blown away that these lil blonde boys could make such a noise. I feel in love with the music they made, and too this day still blast them like crazy. I even went out last year and spent 40 bucks on their 1st L.P. when they were known as ZODIAC MOTEL(it is a must for any fan). The one im having trouble finding is that damn paradise cd set. Got the live 1 sided album from Lee years ago. And a handful of bootlegs he gave me. Oh well, thanks for putting all the singles here in one shot. I have all of them, but there are so many diff. versions of each single. If anyone wants to hear what Lee is up to now check out PSYCHIC DRIVE. I personally thank you for upping this my friend.

  2. I've got a bid in for Paradise CD on ebay. Fingers crossed.

  3. o my fingers are crossed amigo, hell yes!!!!!

  4. It's got about 8 days to go and someone else is bidding. I'm just going to leave it at the ten pound bid I've got in and then hang in at the end to see what's happening.

  5. ok matey, i swear i could cut that other guys fingers off so he cant type. oh btw- just got a package from darrell bath, are u into him?

  6. Yeah. I like Darrells stuff. I don't think he gets as much credit as he should do.
    Met him loads years ago with the Dogs, but it was really Bam Bam and Tyla my mate and I used to talk to. I don't remember ever actually having a conversation with Darrell

  7. i met him years ago when he was in the subs, him and andy mccoy were getting fucked up. lol

  8. Hello all!
    I am very good friends with rob and lee from Birdland, Lizzy Lee now lives in New York, Just to let you know they are reforming as we speak There new demo is up on youtube!!
    Watch this space! :-)

  9. Thanks for the update. That's given me a great start to the day.