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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Finland Rocks like a MOFO

Finland didn't just give us Hanoi Rocks. (although some people would be forgiven for thinking this was the case.) They also threw up Smack, a band that time appears to have forgotten. It's a bit difficult to understand why though, because to put it bluntly they had it all. Sounding like the house band for a party that the Rolling Stones had arranged in honour of the NY Dolls they encapsulated the harder ege of the glam scene and in many peoples opinion could have went on to far greater success than they did. Unfortunately their singer succumbed to the age old spectre of addiction though, and left the story unfinished. Now we will never know what the future could have held for them, but here on their sophomore release you can get a glimpse of what maybe could have been.

The Screaming Stukas blew me away when I first heard them and for months after picking up the album I went into rabid search mode to find out who they were. It turned out that they were from Finland and had just finished an unsuccessful UK tour before apparently dropping off the face of the planet. There was scant information anywhere and I ended up filing them away as a band who where a bit of an anomily in the rock world. They appeared to have surfaced from nowhere and then vanished just as fast. They were a complete mystery. Well a complete mystery to me up until a couple of weeks ago that is. I was online looking something up that was unrelated to them and their name popped up from that I discovered that they actually had a long career under a different name. It turns out that in their homeland they are called Tehosekoitin and have enjoyed a fair amount of success. The idea of The Screaming Stuka was a label one. They thought that the band could translate a bunch of their stuff over into English and have a stab at a wider market under a different name, but when that didn't transpire they were dropped like a hot potato. Further proof that record labels are run by the clueless because with a bit of effort and hardcore promotion the Screaming Stukas could have definitely garnered a higher profile than they did. Listen to this and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.
Meanwhile if anyone can sort me out with some Tehosekoitin then it would be mucho appreciated.



    im checking out the second band, If you need SMACK let me know. I have all of their cd's, there is about 8 of them all very good. i also got the singers solo records he did with his band the fishfaces and some stuff he did with 69 eyes. and some boots of SMACK.

  2. I'll see what holes I have in my Smack collection. There's a few though.
    I was going to get a ticket for 69 Eyes as they are playing here, but to be honest there is something that I don't like about them. On paper they tick all the boxes, but then when I listen to them I turn away.
    Instead we got our Sorry and the Sinatras tickets.

  3. Tickets for the Damned have just went on sale. I'm going to have to grab one.