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Sunday, 7 March 2010

A comedic interlude

Not for the faint of heart. If tales of inserting vibrating eggs up your anus isn't your thing then you might not find much to laugh about when listening to Jim Jeffries, but as it wasn't my anus I found him offensively hilarious. You might not need any lube to listen to this, but it's maybe best to have some at hand as some people seem to think he can be a tad abrasive.

Big space here. So I guess I should tell you a joke.
A guy goes to the doctor and says 'I work in a pickle factory and every shift I get the urge to stick my cock in the pickle slicer. What can I do?'
So the doctor says 'Look this is pretty serious. You must do everything within your power not to stick your cock in the pickle slicer. I'll have to refer you to a psychiatrist about this and that might take a few weeks, but promise me that you will resist this urge.'
The guy says he will do the best he can and leaves.
A few weeks later he's back and as soon as he gets into the doctors office he blurts out 'I couldn't resist. I had to give in and yesterday I stuck my cock in the pickle slicer.'
The doctor is aghast and asks him if he is okay.
They guy says he's fine, but has lost his job.
The doctor then says 'but what about the pickle slicer?'
To which he replies 'Oh, she got sacked to'
Boom tish.

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