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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Grab a ticket

The Batusis

Cheetah Chrome(Ex-Dead Boys)
Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls)
Enzo Penizzotto(Joan Jett)
Thommy Price on drums (Mike Monroe/Joan Jett)

Glasgow ABC2 (May 3)
Sheffield O2 Academy2 (May 4)
Liverpool O2 Academy2 (May 5)
London Islington Academy (May 7)
Hatfield Forum Attic Room (May 8)
Oxford Academy2 (May 10)
Southampton Joiners (May 11)
Bristol O2 Academy2 (May 12)
Birmingham O2 Academy2 (May 13)


  1. Cheetah Chrome founded the Dead Boys (along with Stiv Bators and Co.) and is never and will never be an EX-Dead Boy. Dead Boys still occaisionally do shows as well BTW (in loving memory of their fallen comrade Stiv).

  2. While I'm a Dead Boys fan I would still say that he is an ex Dead Boy.
    Does it matter if they still play. Without Stiv it aint the Dead Boys. Same with the reformed Lords of the New Church.