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Friday, 5 March 2010

Free and legal Blondie track

I never really get tired of Blondie. So it's nice to hear something new from them, and even nicer that they have decided to give us a listen for free.
This is their studio version of 'We three Kings', a track that has been showcased live a few times recently, and is being used here as a taster for the album due for release sometime this year. If the original material that they come up with is as good as this then I'm going to be more than happy.

More free and legal stuff here.
It's a track from the new Rocky Erickson album.


  1. Pretty damn cool. You're right, if there stuff sounds as good as this, then wow!!! Debbie still looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. For a wee throw away x-mas cover it's a cracker.
    I'm enjoying myself with the blog. Kills the time more productively than wanking.

  3. Hi love the song and love the video even more. Thanks for posting.

    Like the blog as well, keep it up.

    All the best

    ps I've added you to ASFM

  4. Thank you. I have some interesting things coming up soon enough. There will be a review of SLF from tomorrow night in Glasgow and I'm doing an interview with Angie Bowie.
    Anything that I do for anywhere else will find its way here at some point.
    I will be posting a mega Jellyfish post this week coming to. So if that's your thing hang onto your hat.