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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Things I hate. Part one

For me I hate anything that can breath and too many inanimate objects to mention.
There. That about covers it.

To be more specific though I hate supermarkets, but then again that's not strictly true.
I hate how people who go to supermarkets appear to drop IQ points the longer that they are connected to a trolley or basket.
In particular I hate people who drag trolleys behind them and are therefore unaware that the said trolley is going to hit me, block the aisle, crash into a display or be shoved up their arse.
I also have issues with people at checkouts who don't appear to have any concept of the etiquette surrounding making a transaction. Simple things like having the cash to pay for their trolley load.
You would expect that this was a given, but then again there are so many people who fail to manage this simple task that I've obviously been overestimating a huge chunk of the population.
I think that it goes without saying that pensioners shouldn't be allowed to use supermarkets.
Pension day in a supermarket resembles the third circle of hell but instead of smelling of brimstone it's piss and lavender that assaults the senses. Sometimes you can get a hint of it from the car park before you even get into the store.
People with learning disabilities should be limited to doing internet shopping to. I'm a carer. So I know what I'm talking about.
They do things like have a squirt of scooshy cream straight into their mouths as soon as their carers back is turned and then put the can back on the shelf. In groups they will lay siege to the confectionery aisle and leave it looking like an explosion has taken place on quality street. I know none of this is pc, but neither is putting cream on your apple pie laced with hep B.
People who have a trolley load and join the 10 items or less line should be shot. In fact people who have eleven items in a basket should be publicly flogged for pushing their luck.
I'm not a complete vessel of hate. I mean I can show compassion. Recently I read an article about a paedophile and while I was filled with disgust for what he did, it was tempered with a bit of sympathy as he had a history of being abused as a child himself.
However there really is no excuse for bastards abusing the 10 items or less rule. They know exactly what they are doing and therefore should be on the same hate list as a paedo. Maybe a couple of points below them, but no more than three.
So what's the score with supermarkets and why do they work as idiot magnets?

Next. More music coming soon.


  1. haha,

    very cool my man, btw- did you get all the dogs links? that i emailed

  2. I did. I'm going to download the stuff I don't have tonight. I'll see if I can find the Tyla releases I have and what you don't have I'll throw your way.

  3. People have issues with hate, but hate is a passionate force. You could hate intolerance, sexism, racism etc. Nothing wrong with that.
    Yet I see incidents of violence being carried out where I live that aren't rooted in hate, but more so apathy and boredom. Now that's fucked up. If anyone feels the need to lash out at anything or anyone I would prefer that they did so because they had a real reason rather than just because it fills in 10 minutes of their time when they are hanging about with their mates.
    Oh, and of course most of the post is tongue in cheek.

  4. Back to the supermarket thing:
    Jobsworth motherf***ing staff-I was in my local s/market the other day and this silly girl,must've been about 18,takes the assistant(to an assistant to an assistant)aside and says "I've been watching this guy and he seems to be loitering around the DVD section-I'm sure he's going to steal"
    So I decide to have a look(so shoot me),and it's just this guy who looks a little "unkempt",perfectly innocently browsing.Now if this had been someone more "respectable" looking,the stuck up little cow wouldn't be drawing attention to them.
    My point really is what business is it of hers,a shelf stacker,to be advising on security? Probably doesn't even need to work,just proving a point to "Daddy".(or is that me being judgemental now?Well,f**k it).Supermarkets-the third circle of hell,you're damn right.