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Friday, 26 February 2010

UK Subs news

UK Subs - Dance and Travel in the Robot Age
Loved and maligned in equal measure the UK Subs carry on regardless. I can’t think of another band like them.
Through Charlie’s refusal to lay down the punk flag they have become nothing short of a institution in counter culture circles, and deservedly so in my humble opinion.
So it’s always a pleasure and never a chore when something is released by them, and although this is as rough as you would expect from a CD release of a bootleg from 1980 it’s still a worthy addition to any fans collection.
It’s also for a good cause as it's the first release from the time and matter label that has been created to raise money for charitable causes. 100% of the profits goes straight to a deserving individual. So for the bargain price of a fiver you can get a bit of Subs history and help someone out to.
As far as I can see there are no losers here and everyone is going to come away from the transaction happy. So what are you waiting for. You better be quick as it’s limited to 300 copies.


  1. YA this one kinda pissed me off, i wanted to buy it. the subs were one of my 1st music loves back in the 80's. but these ppl have no usa price and shipping info. :(

  2. I think I had a link with US postage. I'll have a look.

  3. It's £2.99 for the US. So £7.99 all together through paypal.
    Here's a link.

  4. thanks matey, a good chap you always are.