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Monday, 1 February 2010


When I start listening to music I usually find myself playing a variation of that seven degrees of separation game. (The one where you take a celebrity and within seven moves find a connection to another one.)
It’s not a deliberate move. It’s just something that I subconsciously seem to do and it serves as a catalyst to kick starting a trawl through my record collection. More often than not I’m surprised at the musical journey it takes me on.

Last week I started with the Rene Berg album and from that I had a few different options.
I could have went with the Damned connection, or the Dogs D’Amour one. Or maybe even continued with Rene, but instead I went with Bernie Torme who played guitar on ‘The Leather, The Loneliness…and Your Dark Eyes‘.
So I dusted off his ’Back to Babylon’ album and gave that a spin. Suitably impressed I decided I’d stick with the vocalist Phil Lewis for a while and threw on some Girl 7” singles.
Once I‘d depleted all of them I used Gerry Laffy’s involvement to make the connection to The London Cowboys. They then gave me a pleasant hour and allowed me to make the leap to the New York Dolls as Arthur Kane one played with Steve Diors lads to.
From The New York Dolls I drifted into playing Johnny Thunders ‘Que Sera Sera’ album. One of my favourite releases ever I may add.
Then because some of the guys from Hanoi Rocks back Johnny up on that album I gave them an airing to, and this led me fill circle back to Rene as it was one skip from Hanoi Rocks to the track he did on Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicides, Suicide Twins album.
So that’s how my mind sort of works when I sit down and start playing my music.
Here’s some of the highlights for you to enjoy.

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