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Monday, 8 February 2010


The media hype that surrounded the London punk explosion is usually seen in a negative light, but with the benefit of hindsight we can all see that the ripples of what was being reported on in the capital sent shockwaves through the provinces and gave us all an excellent 2nd wave.
A 2nd wave that in many cases equalled and even surpassed the efforts of the bands who initially kicked the doors down.
It’s a personal opinion, but one of the best scenes that built up in the aftermath was the Northern Ireland one. Even without the benefit of rose tinted glasses I doubt that many would refute that they had a high quota of frankly shit hot bands that defied all the odds to make their mark in the punk history books.
Here’s just one of them. Touted as lightweight at times they may be, but for energetic power pop there is no denying that The Tearjerkers had it nailed down,
If you want to find out more then I can recommend ‘It makes me want to spit’ a definitive account of the NI bands

The Star Spangles released a debut in 2003 that would rock my world.
In the intervening seven years I have revisited this little gem on what must be a monthly basis. If I was to compile a top ten desert island disc list then this album would feature on it. That they didn’t become huge off the back of Bazooka will always be a mystery to me and once you have given this a listen then I’m sure you would agree that they should have broken through big time with it.
Unfortunately for them the window of opportunity for bands who court debauchery and can be found wallowing in the gutter reaching for the stars was never open for long and they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
However if you have a penchant for sleazy rock and roll with a punk attitude then these are the guys for you.
Strangely enough for one reason or another I never picked up the sophomore release called ‘Dirty Bomb’. I guess I should rectify that.


  1. sounds nice.....i'm gonna d.l this


  2. .......and of coarse thanx for tearjerkers...nice to hear the Peel voice again

  3. No problem. Have you had a listen to Devilish Presley? Bit of Bolan crossed with the Runaways sort of sound.

  4. Yeah heard Devilish Presley, but was not very impressed