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Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Cherrykicks

I love the way one thing links to another and another building up a thread. This time it was from jawing with Nekrodad about The Loyalties. From that I dug out the split that they did with Radio Dead Ones and discovered that The Loyalties drummer was originally in a Scottish band called The Cherrykicks. Now let me tell you. There was a time when in my opinion The Cherrykicks were the band to watch. Live they were streets ahead of the competition and you just knew that if Lady Luck smiled upon them then the future would be bright. Unfortunately Lady Luck was sitting about with her thumb up her arse and failed to offer any help. Regardless of that they did leave the memory of some great shows and even made it into the studio to lay down some promising tracks.
So here's the original promo ep they did. The disc is worn, old, and looks like someone took a dump on it, but audio wise it's alright.
I guess Lady Luck was on my side tonight.


  1. thanks my man, Im grabbing this one now. Seems promising to me.

  2. there is a band over here in the states that sounds just like these guys. even the singer sounds the same. The band im talking about is THE DRAGONS, and for some reason they never made it as well. I think its because for some reason, these bands that sound like thunders meets the replacements are not that good on cd. they kick major ass live. but thats it, Oh BTW- I LOVE THIS DEMO!!!

  3. I've got Live at the Casbah by The Dragons. Yep. a very good band.

  4. very good, but never made a dime here.

  5. It's a harsh fact that talent doesn't equate to success. To a certain extent music is dying on its arse over here. Originality is viewed as a dirty word, as is passion.
    All we seem to get is the ever revolving door on soundalike boybands/girlbands and reality tv stars.
    Hopefully the backlash to the outdated music biz business model is a return to grass roots rock and roll from the garage.
    PS. I'll have some Dragons if you can sort that out.