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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Free and legal music just for you and you and you

Some friends of mine are in a band and have been hammering away at the old music business for a few years now with limited success.
They have had rave reviews in all the alternative press and a fair bit of praise in the mainstream rock magazines to, but this has never translated to them selling many albums.
So what has happened is they have had a major rethink about how they promote themselves and along with some of us who are happy to give a helping hand the end result is basically to provide people with 9 tracks for fuck all as a taster.
There isn't a catch and it's just a simple case of downloading them.
If you like the band then that's great and if you don't then all you have lost is the length of time to download and listen to the tracks.
The other thing is that this isn't a limited offer. Please feel free to email the links or add them to your blogs as you see fit.
In fact the wider that these links can spread the better.
The band are Devilish Presley and some of you mainland europeans may have already heard of them as they have featured on a few magazine mounted CDs, while maybe some of the UK readers will remember them from when they supported the Damned on the English leg of a tour.

Here's the links. Spread them far and wide my friends.

If you want to know more about the band them I'm more than happy to fill you in, or you can have a look at their forum here :

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