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Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Members/Department S/Edward Tudor-Pole - 100 Club 5/2/10 (LONDON)

When a band decide that they want to take a trip down memory lane then it’s maybe a good idea to ensure that the spark they had in bygone days can still be fanned into a flame.
Unfortunately no one appears to have told JC Carroll and Chris Payne this. It’s glaringly obvious that without Nicky Tesco to take the lead The Members are without a doubt a very pale shadow of their former selves.
For every scant highlight there is an extended vacation in the doldrums. Hints at greatness proliferate the set, but time after time the band fail to deliver on the promise and instead find a safe haven in mediocrity.
Meanwhile former Stiff label mates Department S are a rock and roll revelation. There is little effort expended on looking into the past with the band preferring to careen forward into the unknown revamped and rejuvenated. Their material from yesteryear is punchier, brighter and more urgent, while the live debut of the cover of My Coo Ca Choo and new song Wonderful Day are met with an ecstatic response from the crowd.
Those looking for a fix of unadulterated nostalgia may be sorely disappointed, but for the rest of us this was a glimpse into the shape of things to come in the Department S camp and it was tantalisingly promising.
As for Edward Tudor-Pole, well the larger than life and eccentric front man of Tenpole Tudor and erstwhile Crystal Maze presenter never fails to entertain. Hammering on an acoustic that has seen better days he defies anyone to take him seriously, and therein lies the magic of his performance. Swords of a thousand men, Wunderbar and madcap ditties on moustaches are all rolled out to the crowds pleasure. Regardless of whether you are laughing with him or at him the response is everything.
Everyone should see this national treasure at least once.


  1. Hi!

    Great thing you've started here. My kind of music and also the obscure posts. Loved the MC5 interview. Really looking forward to following your blog.

    Good luck, Kasper

  2. Thank you very much. It's early days and the comments that I get are making it all seem worthwhile.
    There will be a few more updates done tonight, and most mondays, with reviews and interviews thrown in when I get the time.
    Requsts are always welcome to.

  3. I saw Mr. Tudor performing as Riff Raff in 'round 1990 in London in the revival of The Rocky Horror Show.

    Wunderbar indeed.

  4. The man is an institution.
    The one and only time I seen the Rocky Horror show there wasn't anyone to write home about in it although it was still a blast.
    I never knew he played Riff Raff.