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Friday, 12 February 2010

Earn your wings

Up until a few months ago this had slipped under my radar. As a Hanoi Rocks fan I thought I had, or was close to getting, virtually everything that they have done. Yet here was a whole album that if truth be told could be described as a Hanoi Rocks release with Knox of the Vibrators providing direction and vocals, and I knew nothing about it.
Initially it was the band sans Andy and Mike that went into the recording studio, but as the making of the album got underway they jumped on board to add their skills to the mix to. So here it is. Knox, Sami, Razzle, Nasty, Andy and Mike as The Fallen Angels.

and I guess that while we are on the punk trip with Hanoi Rocks then this would be the ideal time to bring up Demolition 23. Originally a band formed with one of the guys from Star Star it was a vehicle for them to play a bunch of covers in the clubs and just let things rip.
By the time they hit Europe Nasty Suicide was involved though and we were as close to a Hanoi Rocks reformation as we were going to get at the time. Albeit in a punkier and more aggressive form.
I always thought that they could have went on to better things, but Mike called it a day when Nasty left and that, as they say, was that
Hopefully we are about to see a new dawning of this punchier style from Mike as he is currently back with Sami (Bass) and Jimmy Clark (Drums)with his new project The Mike Monroe band.
Meanwhile you can get your teeth into this and wait with bated breath for what the new band can come up with.

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