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Friday, 5 April 2013

Willie Dick - I will be your Juliet.

It's a little known  fact that after David Lynch left Twin Peaks he hit the bright lights of Hollyweird looking for fame and fortune.
Unfortunately he was raped in an alley by a motorcycle gang called the Bastard Sons of Bukowski and was left for dead just mere days from stepping off the greyhound bus.
It's a time worn story, but one that had a surreal outcome because unknown to many is that David Lynch is a walking biological anomaly, and while he has all the outward appearances of a man he carries internally a fully functioning womb, and his anus doubles up as a vagina.
Nine months later he gave birth to a son who he named Willie Dick.
Willie was much loved by his father/mother and was given all that a boy could want, but coursing through his veins was the wild eyed blood of the cumulative members of the Bastard Sons of Bukowski, and that shit will always rise to the surface.
How could a boy born in such traumatic circumstances ever function normally in society I hear you ask?
Well the answer is that he can't.

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