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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Media Whores - Whorespresents

Opening track 'I'm on' doesn't waste any time in throwing down the gauntlet.
It's one of those everything and the kitchen sink tracks.
There's a bit of 50's rock and roll in it, a shadow of the merseybeat, some seventies power pop and then they go and tie it all together with a blatant punk attitude that isn't shy in drawing attention to itself.
Step into an alternative reality where John Peel is alive and well and ruling the airways, and this could well be his toppermost of the poppermost track of the week.
'Zero Tolerance' keeps the pace jerky and could very well be draped in the sepia tones of a classic 100 Club performance.
It sounds like the missing link between pub rock and punk rock as they cling onto the ragged glam ramalama and introduce it to something that's a bit harder edged.
It's got that vibe that just keeps coming back again and again.
Close your eyes and think of The Libertines when Mick Jones was involved with them and you would be skulking in the right alley doing the wrong deal.
'Burn Out Suns' is thrown in as the track to wrong foot the listener.
Just as you think that you have an idea of where the Media Whores are going they come up with a song that leans towards the dalliance that the Stranglers had with a European sound.
It's aurally cinematic, and it's not too difficult to imagine the band in trench coats wandering the streets of Paris or Berlin in mood lighting that would be suited to some arthouse noir release.
As a taster for the forthcoming album there's far more promise extended on this three track ep than any band really has the right to claim to.
I'll be waiting impatiently to see what comes next.

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