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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Misfits/Goldblade/Dirt Box Disco - ABC - 05.04/13 (Glasgow)

Well Dirt Box Disco are certainly not going to be the warm up band for long.
It's been a while since I seen a support band effortlessly provide all the highlights for a night, but they did it in grand style.
I'm sure there were those who chose to sit in bars watching the clock and timing their drinking to coincide with missing the support acts, as there always are, but if those self same people woke up this morning and thought that their nights entertainment didn't quite hit the spot then all they had to do was turn up early enough, and instead they could have claimed they had seen their next favourite band.
It's very obvious to me that within Dirt Box Disco is a solid rock and roll skeleton that's been padded out with a larger than life persona.
They are a party machine that just keeps giving.
If someone made a movie about The Ramones competing with the Dead Boys in a Kiss pinball machine tournament, and the prize was spending a night drinking tequila with Satan himself, then every party scene would feature a Dirt Box Disco song as the backing track.
Yep. They're that bad ass....and fun.
There's a headlining tour later in the year and I would recommend that everyone exercise their right to party hard and do it with the Dirt Box Disco boys.

Goldblade are sliding into a rut.
If you haven't seen them before then I am sure that the high octane rock and roll with a punk edge will hit all the right buttons, but I have seen them before, and more than once to.
While some acts have a sound that has a timeless quality to it, and it's a style that shouldn't be messed with, I am personally gagging for Goldblade to break loose a bit and kick off the chains.
I'm sure some will take that as a negative, and that's fine, but what I really mean is that this is a band that could pretty much do as they want musically and I just want to see them stretch those musical muscles.
Maybe I just want to reboot them back to the 'Black Elvis' days then wind them up and see where they go with it.

The Misfits now seem to attract people who want to then bemoan how shit they are.
This makes absolutely no sense to me at all.
Why spend the money to go to a show with the intent not to enjoy it?
Here we have Jerry Only still carrying the name on, and he's giving it his all.
That's laudable.
Okay the sound was a horrible dirge of a throbbing noise, but for every single bit of the show that made me cringe there was another that made me smile.
A big part of it is that a Misfits gig to an extent is like a family gathering.
Jerry gets that, and plays to it.
When he is pointing into the crowd he isn't just randomly doing it. He is in fact picking out a fan and for a second making real contact with them.
There's kids who will not care at all that this isn't a line up with Danzig or Doyle in it.
For them this is The Misfits and and they are right.
It is.
It's their Misfits.
Should we cut them some slack for this though?
I'm going with yes, because while the music maybe isn't turning every single person on in the audience I really can't find it in myself to knock a band who give so much to their fans.
When all three of them finish a set that was relentlessly driven, and must be physically punishing to an extent, the last thing that would be expected is that within seconds they are down into the crowd to sing autographs and pose for pictures.
There's no expensive meet or greet option when you by the ticket.
They just inclusively make themselves available to everyone.
That's something pretty special right there.
I guess we really are 138 after all.

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