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Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Wildhearts Vs Glasgow

Tonight is the night.
Remember that feeling that we all used to get when we were just about to head out to a gig?
Well I still get that.
Not for every gig of course, but there's the odd one here and there that set the butterflies flapping in a frenzy in the pit of my stomach.
I feel like I could do a piss every ten minutes and I have no idea if it's rooted in excitement or an oncoming bladder problem, but I'm hoping it's not the latter.
The reason for feeling like this is because The Wildhearts are in Glasgow tonight on the first date of the Earth versus tour.
They have thirty odd songs brushed off and given a rub down ready for this, and by all that is unholy I can't bloody wait.
Very often people would prefer if they could just jump to the main course when an event like this rolls around, but I've heard good things about Baby Godzilla, and of course I just know that Eureka Machines are going to kill it.

My morning has consisted of jumping out of bed and slipping Remain in Hope on to accompany my ablutions.
(Ablutions is the upmarket term for a shit and a shave for those who didn't know.)
Then Earth versus the Wildhearts got a spin while I munched down on a bacon roll and answered emails.
(There you go. Who said men can't multitask?)
After that Champion the Underdog blasted out while I showered and right now 555% is on.
I am considering playing PHUQ or Do or Die while I wax my mustache.*
Between now and catching the train the world of music is my oyster.
It's all crashing guitars, throbbing bass lines and harmonies to die for.

Oooft.......and ooft again. This is going to be all killer and no filler.
Strangely enough I don't actually remember the first time I seen The Wildhearts.
It was supporting Love/Hate in Glasgow in Tuts and I remember Love/Hate, but not one singular memory of Ginger and the Wildhearts of the time has left a memory in my head.
Since then I have seen them more times than I care to count, and add on the Ginger solo outings and it's possible that I've paid one or two electricity bills for Ginger.
Not that a single penny is begrudged as this is as a front man who gives it his all always.

Tonight Glasgow belongs to Ginger. Don't let anyone tell you different.

PS . After the show there's a party in Bar Bloc with Chris catalyst of Eureka Machines playing some tunes.

*that's not a euphemism.

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