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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Wildhearts / Eureka Machines - ABC - 04/04/13 (Glasgow)

In the cold light of day it's a bit difficult to maintain a grip of the magic from last night.
Akin to a midsummers dream the whole evening feels as if it existed in a time and place that thrives on only having a tenuous link to reality.
Gigs shouldn't be this good, but occasionally they quite simply are.
The Wildhearts owned the night.
That's one of those terms that is used so often that it has begun to lose all meaning.
'They owned it' doesn't really carry a certain sense of weight to it any more, but this was a show that deserves to be described in such a way.
From the moment Ginger surveyed the sold out crowd it was as if a fire was lit.
The power of an album that was released twenty years ago had not been dampened in the slightest, and the crowd were there to bear witness to the resurrection of the tracks played.
Over the years The Wildhearts have been described as everything from grebo punks to heavy metal warriors.
All descriptive terms that are often completely right while still being completely wrong.
The Wildhearts are really just The Wildhearts.
An extension of the fever dreams of Ginger himself.
A mish mash of rock and roll, pop harmonies, and a magpie tendency to throw everything at the wall to see what will stick.
Often emulated by others, but never surpassed in the schizophrenic rush to get the party started, this is the band that people should have on their bucket list as one to see.
The whole Earth Vs The Wildhearts album was played in a blur.
It just felt like one classic song after another after another was laid out to trip over each other in their haste to be heard.
The band themselves looked as if they were equally as caught up in the moment as the audience were.
Strange to think that it has taken twenty years for the songs to get the full one hundred percent appreciation that they deserve.
By the time the initial set was locked down they had provided proof that rock and roll can transcend just about anything.
Proof of that will this morning be throbbing through the tired knees of people who couldn't manage to run for a bus most days, but didn't even need a second wind to get them through dancing like an amphetamine fuelled teenager for a substantial period of time to the wondrous sounds of the Wildhearts.
A second set of fans choices was the proverbially icing on the cake.
Very obviously the fans went for the 'best of' material and who could blame them.
If a famous alcohol beverage manufacturer made gigs then this is the gig they would make.
If anyone left the ABC wanting more then that would just be an expression of sheer greed.

Similar superlatives could be expressed towards Eureka Machines who played prior to The Wildhearts.
With two fantastic albums under their belts they had recently considered calling it a day, but with a successful pledge campaign now completed they are back with what I consider to be their best album to date and a newly invigorated attitude.
Their set was a prime example of how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
How good they are is still bedding in with people, but the lack of exuberant bouncing around was no reflection on how the band were perceived and maybe a little more to do with age.
Everyone I spoke to was very quick to praise the performance and rightly so.
Hopefully it doesn't take twenty years for them to get a sold out audience for 'Remain in Hope.

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