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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ligotage/The Swindlers - Audio - 27/04/13 (Glasgow)

I'm not averse to watching a tribute band or two, but it would be fair to say that given the option I would usually gravitate towards hearing an original band over someone doing covers.

I have a sense of deja vu now.
I've probably said that before so in a way I'm plagiarising myself with the opening statement.

On with the show though.

On Saturday night with Logotage in town I quite fancied a blast of early Adam and the Antz material so I made my way along to Audio to check them out.
First up were The Swindlers who ran through a set of Pistols classics with plenty of tongue in cheek attitude.
Everyone in the band has paid their dues in other punk acts and this is more like a busmans holiday for them.
While some form tribute acts to cash in it is very obvious that this is mainly just a giggle for these guys, and it's that 'do it for a laugh' attitude that swung it for me.
No one is really pretending to be a Pistol.
Even if Shug (Ex Cock Sparrer, Guttersnipe) goes all out to promote the Johnny Rotten image it's still obviously him having a laugh with it all.
I've seen a few Pistols tributes over the ears, but The Swindlers are currently giving them all a run for their money.
If you're looking for a cheap night out with mates who are looking to relive past glories then these guys will provide an excellent soundtrack to an evening of shenanigans.

Then it was Ligotage.
They aren't the cup of tea of choice for some who where there, but that's not because they aren't a quality act.
It's more down to what people expect.
They see it advertised as an Adam Ant tribute act and they are wanting a bit of the ol' Dandy Highway Man, but then the post punk sound of the Dirk period slaps them about a bit leaving them disorientated.
It's a culture shock moment, but one that I'm not thrown by as while I'm a fan of pretty much all of Adam Ants career this is the sound of the songs that introduced me to him.
I'm in my element as the band rattle through a well executed set of early Antz tracks.
As trips down memory lane go these guys are on the button.
Of course it's pure nostalgia and the age of the crowd reflected that, but who gives a toss.
I can't think of a better way to spend a fiver.
It would have cost more to have played all the Pistols and Antz tracks on a jukebox, and when you think that the alternative was watching Britain's got talent then this was a winner all the way..

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