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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby - A Working Museum

'A Working Museum' shouldn't be treated simply as an album, a conventional release of a gaggle of songs, but as an invite down the rabbit-hole where in turn Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby will take your hand and guide you through their own DIY influenced magical mystery tour.
Raggedly poetic punk and psychedelic pop float in and out with a cinematic clarity that evokes eras that don't really exist outside of their heads, and now ours as they provide themselves as the spirit guides who will reveal all.
You don't really listen to this in the conventional sense, but instead it's more a collection of songs that you feel.
That you soak up.
Close your eyes and you're taking a ride in one of Bolan's white swans in a phantasmagorical fairground.
Drifting past is Luke Haines doing some disco moves, and then he gives way to The Beatles and the Stones watching reruns of The Simpons.
With headphones on you could imagine that you are standing arms outstretched in the dark as snowflakes  float down all around you, but as each pass closely by you can see that instead of them being snowflakes that they are all small photos from an anarchic scrapbook.
Some are family scenes and others are iconic images.
Decades of peoples lives are landing on your hands, eyelashes and lips and melting away.
Every time you slip the disc in and press play it's a different experience to participate in.
Different snowflake photographs.
An unerring work of genius. Utterly stunning at every turn.

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