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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Rolling Stones can fuck right off.


  1. I saw them a few times at their peak. Those memories will have to do, because this is just obscene. Even hardened Stones fans wont stand for this

  2. Real fans don't look at how much it costs.

  3. So if someone has to consider the cost then they're not a real fan then?
    You're Mick Jagger commenting under an assumed name aren't you? LOL......all the way to the bank.

  4. I was looking at the comments on The Rolling Stones own FB page and virtually all of them are fans saying the same thing Rankerbill.
    Comments like Taffy's are so rare that they are barely worth mentioning.

    Some are defending the prices claiming these limited dates are for an extra special show, and a tour for 2013 will be announced with ticket prices being more reasonable soon.
    I've yet to hear what will be so special about the current dates, and I don't think those in the Stones camp know what reasonable prices are anymore.
    The rarefied air up in their ivory towers appears to have addled them.

    I took my son to see Ray Davies last week and the tickets were in my opinion a bargain at £27.50.
    T-Shirts were £15 and £20.
    I could argue that at those prices Ray Davies is Under estimating what people would pay, or maybe it's just that he is more in tune with the financial reality of the majority of his fans lives.
    Anyway, from where I'm standing it's Ray - 1, Mick and co - 0.

  5. I assume for those prices Brian Jones is going to be on stage with them... I can't see what else would require that amount of income. Oh, wait, yes I can - greed.