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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sean Kennedy - Love don't live her ep

Pop music has lost any sense of individuality it would seem.
Or you could be forgiven for thinking that if you were lending an ear to the national charts.
A parade of soundalike material that runs from r&b songs with a bit of rap, to rap tunes with some r&b added, and then there's the occasional boy/girl band, or solo boy/girl act, ploughing an equally redundant furrow.
The days of the singer songwriters making their mark in the public's consciousness seems to be consigned to the past.
Of course there are exceptions to the rule.
We have Paulo Nutini for one, and Gary Barlow and Ray Lamontagne to mention another two, but to paraphrase Ol' Blue Eyes they are 'then again too few to mention'.
Hopefully there's room for one more though, as Sean Kennedy has shows with his debut ep that rather than reaching for the bottom rung and looking to cling on, he has instead delivered material strong enough to ensure himself a solid footing next to those who are already enjoying a great deal of success.
Across the breadth of the five songs he displays a knack for writing material that immediately beds in, and even acts as a catalyst to thinking who could sing the songs if he limited himself to the song writing side.
From his acoustic tracks to the lush orchestral arrangements on others there's really no low points in the ep's totality.
Nothing jars, and it's a very smooth listening experience with the song writing and the musicianship maintaining a very high standard.
Someone like Simon Cowell would sell a limb to sign Sean Kennedy, and that's not to belittle what Sean is doing by mentioning his name in the same breath as the music fans 'he who cannot be named', but instead to draw attention to how the material is already perfectly formed and very obviously ripe to be put out there for a large demographic of the public to enjoy.
If this ep serves to ease the door open a bit, then a full album of a similar quality will kick it wide open and Sean's name could very well be hanging over the doors of some major venues.  

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